Abstract Pigment Powder Paintings
These pigment powder paintings were inspired by the works of the first abstract painter Hilma af Klint. Spirituality features heavily in her work and this was something I was keen to explore. There is a sense of freedom in creating these works as each one is purposefully unplanned.
Thomas More's book 'Utopia' has become a key part of my investigation into language, civilisation, and hauntology. In 1518 the second edition of the book was published and included not only a Utopian alphabet but also the first verse of a poem written in this fictional script. The larger painting shown below (named Utopos after the King of this fictional land) depicts this text against a shiny background making it impossible to read front on. I wanted to create the feeling that utopia is an ideal that we aspire to but when given our full attention we realise is not possible. This impossibility is further enhanced through the decayed aesthetic given to the piece, implying that More's Utopian civilisation has ultimately failed.
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